30 interesting facts about United Kingdom or UK

interesting facts about United Kingdom or UK

The United Kingdom is a country with a rich culture and history. Immigrants shifting to this country might have their reasons like education or employment. But this place is much more than that. It is about the people and place that make this country feel like home.

  1. Older than Pyramids

Stonehenge is a famous tourist attraction located in the south of England. Believed to be created in 3000 BC, this place is older than the Egyptian Pyramids.

  1. A birthday wish from the Queen

The UK is famous for its Queen and the Queen is famous for sending personalized greeting cards to people turning 100 or 105. You can request a greeting card for every year after you turn 105. Jolly good!

  1. The Queen has no passport

Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t need a passport even though she has visited more than 100 countries on official duties. The British passport is issued in the name of the Queen.

  1. Great Britain is not the United Kingdom

This is a common mistake made by many people in thinking that Great Britain is the United Kingdom. The fact though is that they are two different things. Great Britain doesn’t include the Northern Islands whereas the United Kingdom does.

  1. Largest Library in the world

It is an interesting fact that London happens to have the largest library in the world. It is the British Library in King’s Cross, London and has more than 170 million items in its catalog. Heaven for book lovers.

  1. A huge transportation system

London’s transportation system is the oldest in the world and also the largest. 200 functioning London underground stations are boasting over 400 escalators. This is excluding the famous red busses which add mirth to transportation.

  1. Scotland has a famous monster

Scotland has its famous monster known as the Loch Ness Monster or Nessie believed to reside in Loch Ness, the largest lake in the UK.

  1. Royal Weddings are national holidays

The Brits love their Royal Family and never miss a wedding celebration. So surely their Royal Wedding is a great day for celebration and a national holiday for them.

  1. They love their seaside spots

Brits love their sunny seaside walks and golden sandy beaches. England alone has more than 60 beaches and nowhere in England is more than 75 miles from the sea. A great place to get tanned.

  1. A modern building for a modern outlook

The UK is known for its historic buildings. But, the Shard which is Europe’s tallest building at 1,150 feet was completed in 2012. Here you get to enjoy champagne on a viewing platform near the top.

  1. Ravens can bring the monarchy down

Due to a decree put by King Charles II, the grounds of the Tower of London must have at least six ravens at any one time. If this rule is broken, the monarchy will crumble.

  1. Big Ben is no clock

The clock tower of Big Ben is one of the most spellbinding sights in London. But, it is a fact that Big Ben is the name of the bell rather than the tower or the clock.

  1. A billionaire author

The first billionaire author is from the UK. A name famous in almost every part of the world, JK Rowling initially thought to be a male whose famous Harry Potter series has sold more than 400 million copies in more than 55 languages around the world.

  1. Fancy a long walk

The longest mainland distance in the UK is from Land’s End in Cornwall to John O’Groats in Caithness which is a total of a staggering 870 miles. You are free to walk this mainland if you please and many do it for charity too.

  1. The BBC is paid for by the public

BBC or the British Broadcasting Corporation is paid for by a TV licensing fee. Anybody who wishes to watch TV must pay annually for the license, which costs around £145. That is why the BBC doesn’t do advertisements.

  1. Thank God it’s Wimbledon!

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships take place in South West London each summer. As a part of this event’s famous dish, 27 tones of strawberries and 7000 liters of cream is consumed throughout two-weeks.

  1. Take me to France

France and England may not be friendly neighbors but they are close. The Channel Tunnel opened in 1994, at 21 miles in length, connects Dover in England to Calais in France. You can aim to reach in Paris in a little over 2 hours. It is a fact that for almost 300 years from 1066 to 1362 French was the official language of the UK.

  1. Stamp your letter away

London is the place where the first stamp originated. They were the first to use postage stamps and the first stamp issued in May 1840 featuring the figure of Queen Victoria was known as Penny Black.

  1. Oldest currency in use

The design of the humble pound coin was changed in 2017 and the older coins are now only accepted at the bank. But it is a fact that the currency itself is the oldest one in use, clocking an impressive 1200 years.

  1. Chase your cheese

England may be known for its fashionable sports like cricket, football, and rugby, but once a year they also have left-field sports. Here the competitors compete in a cheese rolling competition where they chase a 9lb block of Double Gloucester cheese down a steep hill. Way to be quirky ha!

  1. A parliamentary drink

While the UK laws may be thrashed out in the Houses of Parliament, but still the MPs strictly aren’t allowed to drink in the chambers, with one notable exception. While delivering the annual budget speech, outlining the government’s crucial economic policies for the year, the Chancellor is allowed to gulp down a pint.

  1. Antique royal properties

Royal properties of Britain are record-breaking. The Windsor Castle built-in 1080, is the oldest residence in Britain as well as the largest royal home in the world.

  1. Brits love their Chicken Tikka

One might think of Fish and Chips or Steak and Kidney Pie when thinking of English Food, but the UK residents once voted the spicy Chicken Tikka Masala as their national dish.

  1. It’s Tea Time!

It is an interesting fact that the British love their tea, which is the most popular drink in the UK.  They consume more than 165 million cups of tea every day which is 20 times more than that drunk by Americans.

  1. Oxford it is!

The University of Oxford is the oldest higher education institution in the UK and it is a fact that until 1877, the lecturers of Oxford were not allowed to get married.

  1. A country of atheists

The majority of religion in the UK is Christianity and the Royal Palace loves their Christian weddings. They even try to convert many non-believers to Christianity. It is, however, a fact that 27% of the population in the UK is atheist.

  1. On the house

The British are famous for their love of alcohol and their end of the workweek is celebrated by downing gulps of pints at the pub. It is illegal for children below the age of 18 to drink, but they are allowed to consume alcohol within their homes.

  1. Smith and Williams

Smith Jones and William are the most common name in the UK. Short, Sweet and Simple.

  1. Never kill a swan

It is illegal in the UK to kill a swan. If you, unfortunately, happen to kill one there is a fine of £5000 or a 6-month sentence to prison.

  1. Free to kill a Scott

There is a law that allows any random citizen to kill a Scott entering the city of York if that person is holding an arrow above his head. Scotts are scary!

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