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Life in Canada Compared to India: 6 Things to Know

The Canadian country has about 1.4 million Canadians of Indian heritage and a diverse Indo-Canadian community. Both countries have similar forms of government and a shared commitment […]

7 Canadian Work Culture Facts You May Not Know

After working in India, an immigrant to Canada might find their work culture very different and liberating. So, let us know the facts of a country imbibing […]

Top 10: Best Cities to Visit & Things to do in Canada

Canada is a country who has a heart bigger than its size. Also known as the great north, this mac and cheese-loving country love satiating the wanderlust […]

20 Little-Known Facts about Canada

Canada, a country in the northern part of North America, is the world’s second-largest country by total area. The Great White North is a place preferred by […]

5 Things to Know About British Work Culture

Britain is known as the business center of the world and so naturally tops the list of best countries to work in for the immigrants. With a […]

30 interesting facts about United Kingdom or UK

The United Kingdom is a country with a rich culture and history. Immigrants shifting to this country might have their reasons like education or employment. But this […]

The Rise of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs

Canada is rapidly becoming the country to wholeheartedly welcome immigrants. The reasons for the rising numbers is plain and simple- Canada’s population is aging rapidly, its birth […]

Why Traveling Legally Helps Your International Career??

“The desert was full of men who earned their living based on the ease with which they could penetrate to the soul of the world.” - -The Alchemist. Why […]

Can a Tourist Visa be Changed to Work Visa??

When traveling to a foreign country you might want to change the status of your tourist visa into a work visa because you are in need of […]

Extending the Tourist Visa While Traveling??

When you are traveling in a foreign land and want to extend your stay, can you do that, and if yes, then how? Read on to find […]

How to challenge a visit visa refusal by Judicial Review in the UK

A visit/tourist visa is different from a work visa. Every year many people apply for a tourist visa to the UK but are denied it due to […]

What To Do Next If Your UK Visa Gets Rejected

Introduction The number of applicants applying for the UK visa is rising constantly. The United Kingdom is a favorite destination for the tourists and the Embassy receiving […]