Common Reasons for UK Visa Rejection

What are the common reasons for UK Visa Rejection and how to deal with them?


The plan to visit the top destination on your bucket list is all set! You for one are super excited to go to the UK on your vacation. But the scary part is yet to be dealt with. When it comes to UK visa application you need to ensure that it is error free.

This is because the UK Home Office is unforgiving. They will reject your application without skipping a beat and the fee you paid towards that application will not be refunded. There are many reasons for visa refusal and they are mainly specific to the individual but some of the common reasons are listed below.

Prior Visa Violations

If you have violated the visa conditions before like overstaying your visa or working for the time period you were not allowed to, then the UK High Commission will refuse your visa application.

What to do–You need to ensure that you are aware of the immigration rules and you comply them with authenticity.

uk visa rejection reasons

Unjustified Purpose Of Travel

The most common question in every visa application is why do you wish to visit the country? The answer to this can vary like you are traveling for sightseeing, to meet your friends and relatives, for a meeting, for business purpose, etc. If the purpose of travel is unjustified your application will get rejected.

What to do–The purpose of your travel should be clear and honest. You should be able to justify it with supporting documents.

Leaving Blanks on Your Form

This reason is one which is very common as it is mostly not paid due attention to by the candidates. Leaving blanks or missing signatures on your form is yet another reason for your application to be rejected.

What to do- You should not leave any blanks on your form and should sign wherever needed. If the question does not apply to you, you simply write N/A.

Waiting Until the Last Minute to Submit your Application

The candidates often wait until the last minute to submit their application. This leaves no time for them to rectify the errors or prepare for their application, thus leading to rejection and refusal.

What to do- One should apply in advance for the visa. The UK Embassy allows the candidates to file their application for three months in advance. They should take advantage of the same and prepare their documents.

A Clear Intention to Return Home

When applying for the visa you need to ensure that your intention to return back to your home country is clearly stated. If the intention is not clear then your application is likely to get rejected by the authorities.

What to do- While applying for the visa you should clearly state your duration and place of stay. The reason to visit the UK should also be mentioned. You cannot stay for a period longer than six months and your intention to return home should be clear.

Insufficient Funds for the Trip

The most common reason of all is that the candidate has insufficient funds for the trip and so will not be able to accommodate his stay in the UK. The funds to cover the costs do not add up and so the application can be rejected on such grounds.

What to do- In such a situation the candidate should submit all the financial documents and bank statements to the authorities to ensure that the costs will be covered.

Unexplained Money Lodgement

The candidates are usually under the impression that the authorities are looking for a huge bank balance. They think that the bank balance should be huge to satisfy their monetary requirements.

What to do- This is a wrong notion as the authorities look for a good amount of bank balance but one that is steady. A lumpsum money lodgement that is unaccounted for looks fishy and can lead to refusals. The bank balance should be steady and any lumpsum deposits should be duly explained.

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