Essentials of a Covering Letter

During any visa application, a covering letter is the most important document. It is the only way to describe your socio-economic situation and any special conditions for visa application. The visa officer lay a great emphasis to covering letters as that is how an applicant introduces himself/ herself before requesting for the requisite visa.

The points to be mentioned are:

1. Self-Introduction: 

The applicant has to introduce himself to his passport number to the embassy along with the traveling members.

2. Current Social and Economic Situation:

Here the applicant has to describe all the details regarding the current job/ business situation. He/ She can give the background of your company, its business, sales figures, no of people reporting to him/her, etc. so that the embassy learns of applicant’s current economic position. One should mention his/her social position also in case of a lawyer, doctor, politician, etc.

3. Current Financial Position:

The applicant should never fail to inform the embassy about one’s financial position. The embassy prefers to cross-check the information stated with the financial documents submitted. An applicant should ensure to include a net worth certificate, English-translated land and property papers with its economic valuations ease the embassy of verifying the applicant’s financial stability.

4. Past travel history:

The embassies prefer to give visas to applicants who have a credible travel history to countries that require proper documentation for issuing a visa. Just the presence of a prior visa does not guarantee applications to be processed positively. Travel undertaken on the previous visas, duration of the travel, etc. are taken into consideration before processing any visa.

5. Current travel itinerary:

The current travel itinerary should be mentioned in detail citing the purpose of the current trip. In the case of tourism, one should mention the places he/she wishes to see, or the person(s) to meet, etc. In the case of business meeting/ conference/ trade fair, the details of such activity, the reason for such travel with supporting documents should be attached. The flight/hotel bookings should be attached for reference.

6. Funding the Current Travel:

Explain in great detail regarding one’s financial ability corroborated with bank statements and previous Income tax returns. In case the applicant has credit cards as well, a copy of the credit card statement can be attached as available funds. In case the sponsor has agreed to fund the travel or stay, such documents should be presented to the embassy.

7. Special Mentions:

In case the applicant is unable to submit necessary documents, he/ she is required to give the clarification for such omission. Additionally, the applicant should mention the alternate documents being submitted in lieu thereof.  Also, if there is certain uniqueness in an applicant’s circumstances, it should be elaborated with definitive documents.

8. Honest Intentions:

As embassies prefer applicants who have honest intentions for travel, be willing to present yourself for an interview that the visa officer so consider necessary. Also, elaborate on the reason for returning back to the embassy.

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