16 Reasons Why your Visa can Get Rejected

Reasons why your Visa can get rejected

Being denied a visa can be baffling as it can terminate your travel or settlement plans. Try not to stress, after a visa refusal, as there are a couple of steps to post the rejection that might give you options to get visa approval. Re-applying after a visa refusal is really an alternate, contingent upon the reasons why the application was dismissed. The letter that the authorities send you, clarifying your visa refusal reasons, is one of the primary sources of tracking the valid mistakes in your application.

There are various reasons why an application for a visa might be dismissed dependent on the prerequisites of each visa type. Few of the reasons for rejections are listed below:

Common Reasons for Visa Rejections:

  1. Not Following the Visa Rules
  2. Deficient/Insufficient Travel Itinerary
  3. An Insufficient Explanation for the Purpose of visit
  4. Travel Document Discrepancies
  5. Postponed Application
  6. Lacking Funds
  7. Deficient Application Form
  8. Data Mismatch
  9. Criminal Record
  10. Poor Visa Interview
  11. Lacking ties with the Home Country
  12. Counterfeit Documents
  13. Records in Regional Language
  14. Ineligible Sponsor
  15. Invalid Travel Insurance
  16. Negative Previous Travel History

There might be other variables that could bring about a visa refusal, yet many fall inside the parameters of those referenced above. In case that your application has been denied recently, you might be qualified to request the refusal or re-apply for the visa.

However, you can’t always expect the visa official at the government office to acknowledge your request for revision of application refusal. The best choice for you is to apply again for a visa with an improved application. Odds are that if your visa was denied you might not have utilized a good visa agent like Visafyme. If you need to have any understanding about the refusal, or subsequent application submission, then it is important that you get in touch with a visa refusal specialist like us.

The laws that led to visa dismissal can be fairly entangled. It might be to your greatest advantage to converse with an accomplished visa agent who can offer the best possible guidance and backing for your case. Get in touch with us to know more in this regard!

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