Top 10 Places To Visit In Slovenia

Slovenia is a country in Central Europe and is known for its mountains, ski resorts, and lakes. On Lake Bled, there is a glacial lake fed by hot springs, the town of Bled contains a church-topped islet and Cliffside medieval castle. It is a country full of beautiful surprises and the culture and history of the place are highly interesting!

Though every place in Slovenia is worth a visit, we have compiled a list of the top 10 attractions in the country which you just cannot miss out on! 

1. Lake Bled

There is only one island in Slovenia which is located in the middle of a glacial alpine lake called Bled. It is a beautiful, picturesque spot that has attracted tourists from far and wide. The lake is surrounded by the Julian Alps and one can rent a “pletna” boat, climb the 99 stone-step staircases on the island, visit the St Mary of the Assumptions church to ring a bell to make a wish come true, have the traditional Slovenian dessert called “politca” as well as jump into clean fresh water to get the full experience! To enjoy the best scenic view one needs to visit the Bled Castle.

2. Maribor

The oldest vine in the world grows in Maribor. It is the second largest Slovenian city and is located on the Pohorje mountain range in the northeast of the country. It lies by the Drava river and is part of the largest wine growing regions of Slovenia. There are numerous wine cellars and wineries around where one can try different wines including tasty local specialties. One can also learn about the old customs and traditions in this part of the country.

3. Triglav National Park

The only National Park in the country is named after Slovenia’s highest mountain i.e. Triglav which is almost 9400 ft high. It is the largest protected area in the country and has a special nature conservation regime. Triglav National Park is situated in the Julian Alps of north-western Slovenia where three Slovenian rivers originate namely Sava Dolinka, Sava Bohinjka, and Soca.

4. Ljubljana

The capital city of Slovenia is Ljubljana which can be translated to “beloved”. With around 300,000 inhabitants and is located in the middle of the country, it is a very popular tourist attraction. The Ljubljana river runs alongside the old castle hill. Other places of interest in the area include little bars and restaurants, bridges, old architecture, hotels, greenery as well as the old market that offers a variety of home-made products.

5. The Postojna Cave

The most visited underground cave in the world, characterized by an underground system of karst corridors, galleries and halls is the Postojna cave. The whole system is 15 miles long and combines four caves interconnected through the same underground river, Pivka. One can take up 90 minutes guided tour and witness stalagmites, stalactites, and formations called curtains or draperies.

6. Piran

One of the most romantic and authentic places on the Mediterranean coast is Piran. The town is designed in a gorgeous Venetian-style architecture and is surrounded by the turquoise sea. The locals are incredibly hospitable and the food here is delicious. They say Piran is a town that grew on Salt and they produce salt here in traditional ways. Visiting the town is a once in a lifetime experience and one can just walk along the narrow streets, admire the sunsets, breathe the fresh air and explore the old town.

7. Lipica

If one enjoys the tranquility of nature, walking on pastures, riding a carriage through avenues of trees and admiring white horses then Lipica is the right place to be! These horses come from the original stud farms in the Kanst since 1580. As a matter of fact, the Lipica Stud Farm is the cradle of all Lipizzan horses in the world! The oldest stud farm in the country has been breeding the same horses without interruption and this is considered a Slovenian cultural and historical monument.

8. Koper Tours

The Venetian-era old city, with its crumbling building façade along with its picturesque streets and impressive stone detailing, is a very popular site in Slovenia. Tito Square here is a gathering space for both locals and tourists and it sits at the center of the old city. It is a part of the country that just cannot be missed out on and provides a perfect scenic view which one can enjoy with friends and family and click loads of pictures.

9. Kozjak Waterfall

Located close to the village of Kobarid in the foothills of the Julian Alps in western Slovenia which is close to the border of Italy, Kozjak Waterfall is along an undemanding and clearly signposted 20-minute trail overlooking the clear, turquoise waters of the Soca River which is backed by lush alpine forest.

10. Portoroz

Portoroz which means “Port of Roses” is a city that offers a relaxing escape on the beautiful Gulf of Trieste. One can enjoy the mesmerizing beaches in the day and then delve into the extensive nightlife of the city including nightclubs discotheques, casinos, and pubs. Good music can also be enjoyed as it is a cultural center of the Slovene coast. Another cultural asset is the International Sculpture Symposium Forma Viva where the public can witness artists creating their work right before their eyes!

A beautiful and mesmerizing country like Slovenia cannot be missed out on. Slovenia awaits you, when are you flying in?

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