Top 10 USA Visa Myths Busted (2020 Edition)

usa visa myths 2020

Many Indians apply for a visa to the USA every year. The applicants when filing a visa application either consult the internet or their friends. These are not always reliable sources. There are many myths that surround a visa application to the USA. As an applicant, you should be aware of them so that you do not fall in the same trap. Read on to find out what these top 10 USA visa myths are and their reality.

1. Travel within six months of a visa grant

The most popular myth that is spread around is that you need to travel to the USA within six months of visa grants or else your visa is invalid.

This myth is completely untrue. You can travel at any time before the expiry date of your visa. Unless the immigration authorities revoke your visa due to some reason, you can travel to the USA whenever you want till the time your visa expires.

2. Limit on the number of visas granted

The second most popular myth is that there is a limit on the number of visas granted in a year.

This is also a false myth. There is no limit on the number of non-immigrant visas/tourist visas granted in a year. The limit is on immigrant visa/work visas.

3. No visa for parents if all kids are in the USA

There is a myth that if all your kids are in the USA, then as a parent you will not get a visa.

This is also untrue. If you have a genuine case, then the authorities might grant you a visa. Your kids being in the USA is not the only criterion for refusals.

4. A letter from US Congressman or a Senator can work wonders

Many visa applicants believe that if they are denied a visa, then a letter from a US Congressman or a Senator can work wonders. It can grant you a visa. This is a completely false and dangerous belief. The US laws are very clear in this matter. No outside influence whatsoever can grant you a visa if the immigration authorities hand out refusal to you. All the deciding power resides only with the consulate officers.

In the case of refusals, you may appeal your case and submit evidence of strong ties and valid proof.

5. If your kid is a US citizen you will be denied a visa

This is not true. If you have a genuine application then you might get a visa. You need to prove to the immigration authorities that you have no intention to stay in the USA permanently.

You have to assure them that you intend to return to your home country once the visa expires.

6. Do not request for a six-month visa grant

Many applicants believe that if you request for a six-month visa grant, you will have fewer chances of getting a visa.

This is untrue. Your length of the trip should justify the purpose of your trip. If you get a 2 month leave as an employ and you are requesting a 6-month visa, then your application will raise suspicions. The purpose should match the length of your trip.

7. If you have a visa refusal in the past, you will not get a visa

This is not true. The authorities do look into your past track record of visa applications. But if you have a genuine case, then you might get a visa.

When the authorities deny you a visa, they mention why they did so. If you have overcome that barrier then you can apply for a visa. It will not have any negative effect on your next attempt.

8. Travel to some other countries and you get a US visa

If in the past you have traveled to some other countries, then you can get a US visa. This is a false belief. To get a US visa you need to qualify for its criteria. You need to meet all the conditions and give relevant proof.

Just because you have traveled to some other countries in the past, does not make you a valid US visa applicant.

9. If you got a US visa in the past, getting it the next time is guaranteed

This is also a false belief. Just because you have got a US visa in the past, does not guarantee that you will get a visa this time also. The situations change every time and you need to meet the requirements set out by the authorities.

If now you have acquired a criminal record or do not have enough funds, you may not get a visa.

10. Do not apply for a B1/B2 extension

This USA visa myth is not true. The only thing that you need to be careful about is that you should not overstay your visa. You should stay only within the time allowed to you from the I-94 expiry date.

Unless you extend your visa, you should return to your home country before the visa expires.

Overstay can lead to adverse effects on your next trip, extensive questioning at the Port of Entry (POE). You should keep the I-94 extension documents with you for your next application.

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