What To Do Next If Your UK Visa Gets Rejected


The number of applicants applying for the UK visa is rising constantly. The United Kingdom is a favorite destination for the tourists and the Embassy receiving the applications has seen the numbers double and triple in recent years.

But what should one do if your UK visa gets rejected? The process of filing a visa application itself can be tiring and so one should be aware as to what to do next in case of visa refusal.

The Right To Appeal

When your UK visa application gets rejected, the rejection letter will show the reasons as to why the application was rejected and it will also let you know as to whether you can appeal the decision or not.

According to the Immigration Act 2014, in case you applied under the points-based system, you are not eligible to appeal the refusal decision. However, you can get your application tested under the Administrative review which will ensure that your application was properly and fairly assessed in the first instance.

Once your notice of appeal is lodged, the Immigration Officer will prepare the necessary documentation for your appeal. The time period for the same varies according to your case, as to whether it was a non-settlement case, a settlement case, or a visit visa case.

The Decision of the Immigration Judge

Judicial Review is the process whereby the judge will ensure whether to accept or reject the appeal filed and will review the lawfulness of the decision made by the UK Home Office.

The decision of the immigration judge will be received by the applicants in maximum 3 to 4 weeks and the decision will be in writing, valid from the day it was written or promulgated.

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