Why should illegal immigration be avoided by Indians to Canada?

Illegal immigration is the act of entering Canada without the approval of the Government of Canada. Since the election of Donald Trump as the US president and his crackdown on immigration, the illegal immigrants have been seeking alternatives and Canada famous for its “open arms” attitude has become a promising option for the illegal aliens.

But with the rise in populism and the public opinion favored towards the deportation of the illegal immigrants, the cost of illegally crossing the borders and entering Canada has substantially risen.

Why Should Illegal Immigration Be Avoided?

1. Rise In Populism

Canada has traditionally always welcomed the immigrants with open arms and has even been on the forefront in providing asylum to the illegal aliens. But the wave of populism has risen across the country after the huge spike in illegal aliens crossing the Quebec border as they are neither refugees nor legal migrants. They mostly come from the United States. The Canadians now feel that their country has been “too generous” towards the aliens and they need to be deported.

2. A Strain on the Municipal Resources

The illegal aliens are exploiting the loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement, whereby the asylum seekers become entitled to stay while their claims are processed if they have reached the Canadian territory by avoiding the ports of entry. Thus, the claimants avoid returning to the US and are putting a strain on the federal and municipal resources of Canada.

3. A Decade Long Waiting Time

The illegal aliens are eligible to obtain a work permit and have access to Canadian public schools, healthcare, and social assistance. The Immigration and Refugee Board is reporting an 11-year wait time for refugee hearings and so the Canadian taxpayers end up paying heavily for the illegal immigration. The illegal aliens might become permanent residents being supported by the public purse but they can’t escape the criticism of the natives.

4. The Intergovernmental Conflict

The large influx of the refugee claimants demanding city shelters has led to an intergovernmental conflict in Canada similar to what is happening with the EU countries over the refugee claimants of Africa. It might be easier to cross the border illegally than to migrate to Canada legally but the tension between the political parties has risen as Trudeau’s Liberals face opposition from the Tories, who accuse the government of mismanaging the migrant crisis, ahead of this year’s election.

5. The Depleting Absorptive Capacity

The absorptive capacity of Canada to shelter the unwanted US immigrants is quickly depleting and so the country is working towards stronger border protection policies and collaborating with America to solve the internal immigration challenges of US. Mostly the illegal aliens are coming from Nigeria, Columbia, Haiti, Turkey, and Eritrea. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has stepped up the deportations of illegal immigrants.

6. The Web of Exploitation

The illegal aliens cannot escape the web of exploitation as they usually end up working for the underground economy where they earn less than the minimum wage and are treated rather unfairly both personally and professionally. Though Canada is inherently not a racist country, the tide of populism and nationalism has spread fast.

7.The Impatient Residents

The residents of Quebec’s Roxham road have had to face problems due to the bulging irregular border crossers coming into Canada through this route which in 2018 witnessed 95% of the irregular crossers. The Prime Minister has pledged to increase the border security and compensate the residents facing commotion near the Roxham crossing.

8. The Racist Backlash

The year 2019 may be the year of backlash against the illegal aliens with migration being the top source of political dispute. The white Christians are at the forefront of this backlash with racist comments being flown and thrown like “Christianity and Islam don’t mix” or “Quebec is in the majority white”. This is just creating more instability in the country.

9. The Tit For Tat Policy

Canada’s Border Service Agency has stepped up the effort to deport the illegal immigrants and has been ordered to increase this number to 10,000 per year from the previous 7,000 deportations annually. Canada can also be seen to have adopted a tit for tat policy against China who had imprisoned the former diplomat and businessman of Canada. The Prime Minister called this incidence as “extremely disturbing” and in retaliation more than 2,000 Chinese face deportation in the near future.


The illegal aliens who are always seen as a threat to national security face a do or die situation in their treacherous journey to be smuggled across the borders. These illegal immigrants delay the migration of skilled workers, investors, and Canadian citizens who wish to bring their family members into the country. This seriously threatens the growth of the Canadian economy, further leading to harsh treatments towards the illegal aliens.

The illegal border crossers sometimes have no choice but to take the illegal route to enter the country but the long road to Canada is not rosy and there is a price to be paid for refuge as these aliens are mostly treated as numbers rather than people, queue jumpers rather than safety seekers.

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