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Indians are valuable members of the Canadian community and the Sikhs and Gujarati’s form the highest number of People of Indian Origin. With its better standards of living, quality education, stunning infrastructure, less bureaucracy, red-tapism, corruption, and population, and high diversity, people prefer to migrate to Canada either for leisure, travel, or work purposes.

With Trump’s protectionist policies making the processing of H1-B visas even more stringent, the number of Indians wanting to secure Canadian citizenship has risen tremendously. While the American dream has turned into an American horror, Canada has only become more friendly resulting in a hike in visa applications and shifting of the high-skilled talent to Canada.

The Difference in Work Culture

The work culture of the two countries varies to a large extent and knowledge of the same is important before immigrating.

1. No Shame to do Any Work

In Canada, people have no shame to do any kind of work and even the manager may join you in doing the low-level tasks like cleaning the floor, desks, moving materials, etc. Here people take pride in all kinds of work. This is not always the case in Indian companies where people would prefer the cleaners to do the dirty and unrespectable work.

2. Experience is Must

The Canadians prefer hiring people with prior experience and this policy applies to all kinds of work from the job of cleaning floors to the job of managing people. They pay great importance to people with experience in any field. Back at home, you may be hired in companies in certain posts even if you do not have any prior experience and freshers at times may be preferred.

3. The Etiquette of Introductions

In Canada, it is expected that you would introduce people you know to people you are talking to and this introduction should be made in a formal manner by using the title and last name for introductions. This is not the case in India as here even though networking is important and respected, you may not always be introduced to people and would have to be proactive for this.

4. Timing is Crucial

Canadians value time and it is crucial that you are punctual for meetings and arrive at time for your work. They work like crazy and have small chats and their food while working to save time. Indians are not particularly known for their punctuality and one can find many Indians making excuses for their late arrival.

5. Mind Your Own Business

In India, people are usually chatty and love to talk to colleagues about their personal life, but in Canada, this is not appreciated as they usually mind their own business and never get personal with the co-workers, especially during work hours.

6. The Masculinity Scale

Indian is a more masculine society than Canada as the Indian society is driven by competition, achievement, and success whereas the Canadian society is driven by caring for others and quality of life. Though one should note that this difference is a relatively small factor.

7. Power is Prime

The power distance in India is much more prevalent than in Canada. The hierarchy is taken very seriously in India where the employees accept and respect the different roles and communication is mostly formal and follows a top-down approach. The shackles of the power structure in Canada are much more flexible and they prefer informal communications.

8. Work-Life Balance

The Canadians work for 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week which is the standard hours of work. The maximum number of hours is 48 hours a week. They take their work seriously and do not like to chat while working. The work-life balance is not so great in Canada as many have to work overtime or on weekends too. The same is the scenario in India as here too we lack a work-life balance.

Work-Life Balance

9. Brutally Honest

The Canadians are brutally honest and they will always tell you the truth no matter what. There is a great amount of transparency in the Canadian corporate environment. This is in stark contrast to the Indian society where we can tell a lie without blinking or providing a second thought to it.


Nowadays, people prefer to migrate to Canada than other countries like the USA, UK or Australia. With diplomatic relations and cooperation between the two countries becoming smoother and the laws of change for domicile becoming much more simplified, the immigrants are flocking to this land of polar bears and the second largest country in the world. So, it becomes even more crucial to be aware of the differences in the work culture of the two countries.

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