Work Culture in USA vs India

Work Culture in USA vs India

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.”

In our contemporary modern life, work occupies a large amount of our time and we also tend to give it a lot of importance. Our work makes us who we are and so the work culture of the organizations where we work plays an important role in our well-being. Traveling to the foreign countries for job seeking can be in a way daunting because if we do not fit well with the work culture of that country, our chances of survival are dim. So before immigrating to the Big Apple, we should make ourselves aware of the work culture of that country and judge ourselves honestly as to if we would be able to adapt to it or not.

The most important foundation of the American work culture is professionalism, from which other strands of the business culture branch out. Whereas in India we may find that not all companies or sectors are deeply professional in their working. So, let us see the differences in the work culture of the two countries.

1.Timing’s Everything

The Americans are sticklers for time and deeply value punctuality to the extent that if they are going to be late even for five minutes they will inform beforehand. The Indians, on the other hand, are known for their tardiness, though we can’t generalize them, employees coming late to the office is a common phenomenon in India. Punctuality in the US is believed to be a key factor in scaling the heights in your career as it carries a good impression and so if you want to work in America, you better be on time.

2. Fit is Fabulous

The Americans are suckers for fitness and one would find that most of their colleagues are hitting the gym, jogging, doing yoga, etc. before or after work. They value mental fitness which is important for the oratory skills and physical fitness which helps us be motivated and focused. Thus, they also believe in healthy and smart eating to keep their body and mind fresh. The fad for fitness in India in the workplace is catching up in the 21st century but the stress related to work can downplay that.

3. No place for the catty creatures

The workplace culture in America is not the fussy kind and they dearly value teamwork. The employees do not try and chip away your image as they are focused on their own personal growth. They are not mean to one another but instead help each other out. On the other hand, in India, we may find many instances of power and politics in the workplace which only leads to a stressful environment.

4. Confidence, Confidence, Confidence!

Whatever the Americans do, they do it with unflinching confidence. However, one may find that people up the ladder are more confident of themselves and their work, whereas as you go down the ladder, the employees face similar challenges that their counterparts in India do—shyness and fear that their voices won’t be heard. In addition to this, in India, there still is to a large extent, a masculine work tapestry, with men being the sole breadwinners.

5. Sweet Bosses

The employers in the USA are way more empowering than those in India. They believe in the collective efforts of their employees and will provide you with a liberating work environment, not making you subservient to their whims. In India, we may not always be lucky to have a good boss, but the workplace culture is changing and the mentors in the organizations can be found to encourage their subordinates towards success.

work culture difference between india and usa

6. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

People in America have a lot of respect for one another and they always talk in a dignified but relaxed manner. The employees are warm, open and friendly and not cut-throat and cold as some people in corporate America are bound to be. Though they mostly address each other on first name basis in order to have a smooth conversation, they never lose the respect and dignity for the other person. Way back home, we too respect our colleagues but most often end up being competitive rather than being collaborative as the sin of jealousy never leaves us.

7. Work vibes are good vibes

The brainstorming sessions in corporate America can be a blast. The agenda is informed beforehand so that everybody researches and comes up with good ideas. In the meetings, everyone is encouraged to participate, especially the timid ones. The senior leaders will take time out to interact with people to keep the connection going. On the contrary, the meetings in India can be a handful. They tend to bring out all the emotions of rage, anger, jealousy, and competitive spirits can be high. Although, again this in no way is a generalization and the Indians too can have smooth sailing meetings with an open dialogue where many a great idea are born.

8. Get right down to business

The American people are more task-oriented. They believe that you need not like your teammates as long as you can get the job done. They highly respect the deadlines. They want initiative, independent thinking, and pushback from the workers to think of better ways to work together. Indians, on the other hand, are more people-oriented who would want to have nice and friendly conversations to make each other feel better before getting to work. They want to work in a pre-determined manner and think that the quality of work matters more than the deadlines.

Thus, the work cultures of the two country’s vary to a great extent and the knowledge of the same is rather very important before one can join either kind of an organization. You have to see for yourself as to whether you can adapt yourself to their respective cultures which are important to get to your highest potential as to each is own.

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