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The United Kingdom is one of the top destinations for Indian immigrants to the extent that many would even travel illegally if they have to. The culture of the two countries varies a lot and they are basically considered as polarized nations.

Whether you are going to the UK for leisure or work, it is important that you know the cultural differences of the two countries so that you do not get a culture shock as it can lead to serious misunderstandings in the workplace.

The Differences in the Work Culture

The laid-back and fun-loving Indians vary to a great deal from the uptight Brits and the local HR teams should provide preventive guidance to the employees on these differences.

1. The time Matters

In the UK there is no specific code but people still follow the office timings where they reach and leave the office on time. In India, it can be observed that people creep into the office at their own will and stay back late in the office just to impress the bosses.

2. Productive, Not Busy

In the UK and mostly in the western countries, the workers are more productive as compared to the Indian companies. The major difference comes in the way the workers spend their office hours, whereas in the UK they prefer to take their tea/coffee breaks while checking their emails and the lunch breaks are short, in India, people prefer longer breaks that include the time to gossip at stretch.

3. The Flexible Power Structure

In the UK, it mainly depends on the performance of the employees and the power structures are not so rigid, whereas in India, the hierarchy is strongly embedded in the corporate environments and the promotions depend on the years of experience a person has.

4. Process, Process, Process

In the UK, people believe that processes are meant to make our lives easier, error-free, and lead to quick decisions. If that is not the case, they are willing to do what is logical. On the other hand, in India, we believe to have a predetermined process in place and want to follow the same, no matter what the result. It might take us days to get the approvals of our seniors but we don’t budge from the standard procedures.

5. The Power of “I” or “WE”

The UK is more of an individualistic society where they are more concerned with taking care of themselves and their close family members. The Indian society as a whole is more of a collectivist society where we believe more in the power of groups than individuals.

6. Avoid the Uncertainties

In the UK where people prefer to have a planned and certain future. The Indian society is comfortable with the uncertainties and there is a saying in India that nothing is impossible, as long as, the people know how to adjust themselves.

7. The Masculine Society

The UK is much more feminine as compared to India but they too have to fight for equal pay. India as a whole is more of a male driven society where the shackles of patriarchy are still wide and deep. The fight for equal pay and the fight against sexual discrimination is still at its nascent stage where women have started to raise their voices and they are starting to be heard.

8. No Touchy Feelings

In the UK, people maintain high levels of professionalism in their work environments which may get casual when out of the office premises. In India, people have no bounds to their physical and emotional favors and even though this may create a more comfortable work environment, it reduces the level of professionalism that encourages productivity.

9. Trains To Work

In the UK people usually will travel through public transport as is it provides the best value for money in terms of speed, efficiency, and reliability. In India, public transport is not that developed and people prefer to take cabs if the expenses are reimbursed.


The work culture of any two countries will vary and depend on the culture of the societies of the two nations. The UK is a top destination for the Indian immigrants and so a knowledge of the work culture is a must to avoid any shocks or misunderstandings later on.

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